Friday, January 13, 2012

{ c.r.e.a.t.e } Binder Cover Sheet - funner than it sounds. Really.

Soo, I have a homemaking binder that I actually rarely use. The good intentions were there, but for some reason, it's so much easier to throw papers on top of "the black thing" (armoir/dresser type... thing... that graces our kitchen) than it is to 3-hole-punch a sheet of paper and have it all neat and orderly, and in one spot. Go figure. As I was decluttering the top of "the black thing" today, lo and behold, I ran into my binder. In the clear view cover, I had inserted the 2-hour House Cleaning Checklist that I spoke about in this post. Well, BAM! Nothing gets you more motivated and screams "fun" than walking past your binder everyday (when it isn't buried under unfiled papers) and there's a to-do list staring up at you... and you haven't even opened the thing. So, for the first time in 2012 (and I am SO proud to say that!), I spent an hour and a half at the computer looking for different sites that would allow me to layer pictures, graphics and text. I was on a mission, and yes, it is amazing what motivates me.

I wasn't finding anything that I could easily jump into, until I stumbled into an online scrapbooking site called Crop Mom, and there was no turning back. And so, I present my *new* binder cover that I couldn't be more happier with! [drumroll please...]

See the two lovely ladies centered on the bottom? They totally remind me of my sister and me - I love it just as much as I love her! The only thing I didn't know would happen once I finished was the Crop Mom logo there in the corner. It covers up the cute little striped feet and a bingo card that reads "FROLIC" at the top. Frolic has been one my words for years. Seriously. Very underrated, in my opinion. Anyways, for this awesome service being for the most part free (and completely addictive), the logo is a small price to pay, and she deserves the shout out for such a kick butt website.

Ahh... it feels good to get that creativity flowin'! Now... let's see if a certain binder gets more sunlight in it's days, eh?  ;)

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